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Orbit By PUB

19 - 22 October 2020

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Orbit by PUB - 3rd edition

In 2018, PUB launched Orbit, its first conference dedicated to sustainability in the communication and marketing industry. The following year we approached the theme “change” on its every aspects. In 2020, for its third edition, PUB is putting “Transparency” at the core of the conference.
2020 is a year full of challenge and transformation. Worldwide, the will to change our view on politics, work industry, advertising, and many other sectors, is quite strong. The many tragic events that took place everywhere around the world showed us that the actual system isn’t working anymore and that we need to tend to a more sustainable, fair and equal society. The everyday news is proving us, more than ever, that the key to a better tomorrow is being more transparent.
As a professional media we are committed to understand with you, advertisers, agencies, media, marketers, and education specialists, on how to make some approach, behaviour and attitude changes. We can’t keep denying the obvious: change must come from us, from you, now, and it must come now. Numerous initiatives are already taking place… Let’s see together how we can go further, how we can do better.
This year’s edition is going to be slightly different from the previous ones. Before the big finale (program here), we are treating you with a digital week with the possibility of meeting and greeting speakers and guests. All details will be revealed soon!

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Start: 19 October 2020
End: 22 October 2020


Anne-Clotilde Picot (BE)

Business Development & Transformation Manager
  • Anne-Clotilde Picot (BE)
    Should we go towards more transparency? In those times when technology allows access to information anywhere and at anytime and when customers are more educated, more demanding and more aware of their rights and needs than ever, it is a non-debate. But further than that transparency is also the best way to move forward: without transparency, there is no debate, no possibility to collaborate, while it is from collaboration, from co-creation, that the most innovative solutions will come. 

    It is not a quick and easy fix and requires not only tools but most importantly a change of mindset. Competitivity, protectionism and fear of green washing are the enemies of transparency. It requires a culture of dialogue, a growth mindset and the courage to accept vulnerability to overcome them. And in that change process, marketers have a big role to play.
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Nathalie Erdmanis (BE)

Director Strategic Marketing, Branding & Customer Insight Analytics
AG Insurance
  • Nathalie Erdmanis (BE)
    Transparency in business, in my opinion, is just like honesty and straightforwardness in interpersonal relationships.

    When we consistently act with integrity, fairness, professionalism and respect, when we have nothing to hide, transparency/openness is self-evident, a spontaneous and natural occurrence. And with it comes trust.

    Transparency is an essential best practice in all organisations. Or should be for most of them in any case!

    At AG, it’s a daily reality and has always been a core guiding principle of our governance.
    It’s a question of professional integrity, credibility, ethics and trust.
    Without this legitimacy, we wouldn’t have earned our leading position on our almost 200-year journey.
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Ann De Bisschop (BE)

Wellbeing and HR expert, Keynote Speaker
  • Ann De Bisschop (BE)
    Wellbeing & Transparency at Work 
    We are entering a new HR-era after Corona. Human Capital has never been higher on the agenda than today.  More and more companies are realizing that they have to take care of their employees.
    A futureproof company or organization is one where happy culture, an inspirational environment motivational leadership ans transparancy go hand in hand.  
    Open, honest communication and transparency is key. Today even more than ever before. As a leader, it’s important to be transparent about what you know, but also about what you don’t know. If you want committed and enthusiastic employees, be as transparent as you can!  
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Zehra Zayin

Chief Executive Officer
Special Olympics
  • Zehra Zayin

    Transparency is rather a means to an end, and that end is honesty and authenticity. 

    Companies and organizations today cannot pretend anymore. The audience sees or unveils the truth faster than before. That is a good thing for the audiences/clients, the business environment, and the company itself:


    • Audience/clients: they get what they see – goods and services of authentic organizations are morepredictable and reliable.
    • Authentic players in a business sector force the whole sector to become more authentic.
    • Authentic organizations become stronger brands– and stronger brands create stronger relationships with clients.
    • Authentic companies maintain and attract stronger and more engaged employees.


    True authenticity is a snowball effect that you want to start and I believe, if you don’t start the trend to transparency will expose you as being non-authentic. 


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Krist Pauwels (BE)

  • Krist Pauwels (BE)
    The economy market is evolving. More and more brands choose to concentrate on the relationship they share with their clients instead of concentrating on their wallet. Afterall, the brand that invests systematically and sustainably into real and valuable relationships offers a solid base to the often tired / anxious employee or customer. 

    Transparency is the real foundation of a strong relationship. The brand that is transparent and has no hidden agenda, gains in energy and legitimacy. It also gains an authentic employee or client which shows him/her as he/she is. As the brand that presents to him/she.  
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Florence Coppenolle (BE)

Communication / Corporate Responsibility BU Benelux
  • Florence Coppenolle (BE)
    Florence Coppenolle took over the communication ecosystem of energy giant ENGIE in Belgium eight years ago. Previously, she had experience in decision-making circles and large companies (cabinets, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Proximus). Her ability to anticipate risks and the extent of her communication skills make her a key figure in Belgium in the challenges of building a reputation.
    Within ENGIE, Florence is committed to developing a more proactive and authentic communication for all the Group's subsidiaries in the Benelux. She is working on the alignment in fine-tuning of the messages and understanding the challenges. Florence Coppenolle is also responsible for CSR, which she integrates as much as possible into the company’s activities. In Belgium, she defends the projects supported by the ENGIE Foundation, which have already benefited 60,000 young people.
    Passion and enthusiasm are tailor-made to her and she tries to make them catching around her.
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Grégory Pouy (FR)

blogger, speaker, evangelist, consultant and podcaster
  • Grégory Pouy (FR)
    Gregory Pouy is a globally recognized blogger, speaker, evangelist, consultant and podcaster on Vlan - a podcast that analyses the evolution of the society in the age of the industrial revolution.
    He is the author of "Insoutenable Paradis" an essay about the major role brands must play in the ecological transition.

    "Knowledge is power" or that's what we've learned in the 20ties centuries and marketing is therefore based on 3 pillars: lies, secret and control.
    No wonder if the system is now failing.
    But the right question is to define how marketing should evolve and how brands could help in the ecological transition that humanity need.
    Transparency is obviously one of the key answer since consumers are eager to know ingredients, provenance and how the company is run.
    Brands like Everlane, Panafrica, Alan or Veja have position radical transparency at the core of their values.
    They certainly are in the right path and you need to define what this means to you.
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Kim Beyns (BE)

  • Kim Beyns (BE)

    Being committed as a media company implies transparency towards our first customers: our listeners. We have 900.000 of them tuning in daily.

    Why do they trust our radio brands? Beyond the best music, what do we truly do at NGroup to contribute to a better world?

    How can we communicate authentically about our commitment without sinking into greenwashing?

    How can we involve our staff and shareholders in this commitment, which requires human and financial efforts?

    And who can we call upon to benefit from external expertise to objectively measure and evaluate in full transparency our commitments?

    Those are the questions we ask ourselves for years and this is what helps us to move forward.

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Wouter Boits (BE)

The Oval Office
  • Wouter Boits (BE)
    What already started before the COVID-19 crisis has been amplified since: the relationship that people have with brands, employers, institutions, and the media has changed critically. As a consumer, a customer, an employee, a citizen our needs and expectations have evolved towards more open, interactive and trustworthy communications.

    Today, every organisation has to listen more and develop communication that adds real value to its audiences’ lives. Whether they communicate digitally, socially or live, brands have the duty to be authentic and transparent. But, how should companies, governments and brands adapt their marketing and communication into a more human driven communication?

    One of the keys to success in this new era is rethinking communication in terms of being creative, human and above all experience driven. Today, the experience is the message.
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AG Insurance

Fairtrade Belgium

  • Fairtrade Belgium

    (change trade, change lives): Fairtrade focuses on providing a system that allows international trade to evolve towards greater justice, respect and equity. The Fairtrade system puts all stakeholders on an equal footing: networked producers, industry, business, citizens and consumers, public authorities and civil society. All have the power to change the reality of today's trade. If one of Fairtrade's first missions is to open the market to certified producers, it is equally incumbent on it to build bridges between them, to raise their awareness of the issues related to fair trade, which are nowadays inseparable from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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NRJ Belgium

The Oval Office

White Cinema



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