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24 October 2019


Change is now !


In 2018 PUB launched Orbit, its first conference dedicated to sustainable development in the communication and marketing industry. And we are doing it again on this 24th of October 2019 ! Sustainability is a deep and endless subject, full of great and first-class experts.

This year we will devote this edition to the theme: Change is now ! Everywhere accross Europe, young generations are trying to raise awareness and reach out to the political world and the entire society. Who is actually hearing them out?! It is true that changing our habits is challenging and difficult. Yet, we owe us to do it. Now. Questions on sustainability in the communication and advertising sectors, based on the SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) are important to be answered to.

As a part of the professional media we are committed to understand with you, advertisers, agencies, media, marketeers, and education specialists, how to make some approach, behavior and attitude changes. We can’t keep denying the obvious: change must come from us, from you.

This year’s theme « Change » will be debated by several professional and activists actors, who demonstrate a real legitimacy to testify about sustainability.

The afternoon will conclude by an international award ceremony, with which PUB will be associated: the Care Awards. Ten years ago, this prize was created by The European Association of Communications Agencies and Act Responsible. This will be the opportunity to present you international ads and campaigns dedicated to people and their environment.
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Start: 24 October 2019
End: 24 October 2019

Avenue Ariane 5, Arianelaan 5, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe, Belgique, België

Avenue Ariane, Arianelaan 5
1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert/Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe Brussel


Olivier Corneille (BE)

Instructor at the Faculty of Psychology
  • Olivier Corneille (BE)

    Olivier Corneille is Full Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain, where he is teaching courses on Methods, Social Influence, and behavioral change. He obtained his degree in Psychology at the Catholic University of Louvain in 1997. His post-doctoral training, as a Fellow of the National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS), involved post-doctoral research stays at the University of Berkeley and at the University of Boulder. His research is centering on Experimental and Social Psychology. Olivier Corneillehas served as Associate Editor for Social Cognition and Social Psychology and Personality Sciences and chaired the Psychological Sciences Research Institute (IPSY) of the Catholic University of Louvain between 2012 and 2015.

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Willem Van Der Schoot (NL)

CEO Havas Lemz
Havas Lemz
  • Willem Van Der Schoot (NL)

    Inspirational leader of Havas Lemz

    With more than 25 years in advertising, both on agency and client side, Willem Van der Schoot brings in a lot of experience. He's an excellent business partner, leading processes and client-agency relationships towards successful work. Under his leadership, Lemz - and the current Havas Lemz - developed to become one of the leading agencies in The Netherlands.

    Willem is frequently asked to share the unique organizational formula we've developed over the years. His expertise on innovating and optimizing the client-agency relationship is highly regarded and has led to many interviews and talk on this subject.

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Catherine Berthillier (FR)

CEO Shamengo
  • Catherine Berthillier (FR)
    Great TV reporter and director for the main reportage and documentary programs of France 2, France 3, France 5 and Arte, Catherine Berthillier denounces for more than twenty years, through her investigative investigations, those who destroy the world. In 2011, she decided to put her skills at the service of those who are building the world of tomorrow and launched the Shamengo platform, a community that brings together the best in green, social and digital innovation on the planet. Her next challenge? To build a Villa Shamengo that will bring together, under the same roof, some of the most exceptional innovative solutions on the planet. This house-school-laboratory aims to promote a new way of life based on 4 values: taking care of oneself, creating ethically, preserving the planet and committing oneself to others. This world premiere is being hosted in Bordeaux and the construction of the eco-designed building will start in June 2019 through a participatory project.
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David Favest (BE)

Director B2B
  • David Favest (BE)
    David Favest, born in ’73 in Brussels, is the Director Business to Business and member of the Board of Touring Royal Club of Belgium. Before, David held several local and international executive positions in Marketing and Sales in the Automotive Industry, for several OEM’s (DaimlerChrysler, FCA and Kia) and in Public Transportation (STIB, UITP). David speaks fluently multiple languages, is passionate about networking, mobility and management concepts, and has been awarded Trends tendance - Marketer of the Year 2017 and Advertiser of the Year 2018.
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Adelaïde Charlier (BE)

Youth For Climate
Adelaïde Charlier (BE)
  • Adelaïde Charlier (BE)

    Adelaide Charlier is one of the spokespersons for Youth for Climate, but the young woman from Namur has also become the voice of a whole generation: the children whose future must be ensured. Climate activist, the seventeen years old express the same urgency as Orbit. Extreme measures must be taken and change needs to be now !

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Griet Geudens (BE)

Sustainability, quality tourism Consultant
Toerisme Vlaanderen
  • Griet Geudens (BE)
    Because of my passion for people and travel, my interest in tourism has arisen. Especially on how a place changes as a result of tourism.
    After my African studies, I took a master's degree in tourism with a focus on the sustainable development of tourism. Working in the tourism sector with tour operators, NGOs and tourism authorities, I have had the opportunity to make sustainable tourism my speciality . At Toerisme Vlaanderen, I monitor the quality and sustainability of tourism.

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Bertille Toledano (FR)

President BETC Paris
BETC Paris
Bertille Toledano (FR)
  • Bertille Toledano (FR)

    Bertille Toledano started her career in 1994 at Saatchi & Saatchi. She worked in several global ad agency networks, Saatchi&Saatchi, Young & Rubicam and BBDO where she has always occupied strategic positions: Strategic planning, Development Director (CLM/BBDO), Strategic Planning Director (Young & Rubicam Paris), Managing Director and Vice President in charge of strategy and development (CLM/BBDO). Bertille joined BETC in 2012 and was appointed President of BETC in February 2013. She played a key role in the transformation and development of the agency during the move from Paris to its new headquarters Magasins généraux in Pantin in 2016. The 215,000 square feet former grain warehouse was turned into the creative workspace of the future, and is now home to BETC Paris’ 1000 employees, cultural and business partners, a contemporary art centre and artists-in-residence.

    More than a workplace, Magasins généraux is a cultural hub founded in 2017 by BETC. Magasins généraux is a breakthrough destination that is part of the booming cultural, social and economic ecosystem of Greater Paris. BETC is today an international network with offices in Paris (BETC Paris and Rosapark), London (2011), Sao Paulo (2014), and Los Angeles (2017), counting 1100 co-workers around the world.

    BETC believes in the power of creativity to drive business results. The agency works with over one hundred brands, including Air France, evian, Peugeot, CANAL+,Louis Vuitton, McDonald’s, Disneyland Paris... In 2017 Bertille was listed as one of Ad Age’s Women to Watch. She is in charge of the global Lacoste account and was a driving force behind the wildly successful “Save Our Species”-

    campaign for Lacoste that saw the famous crocodile logo being replaced by endangered animals in 2018.

    BETC is a patron of cultural institutions such as the Paris Philharmonic and the Museum of Immigration, and is a leading force in the development Greater Paris.

    Bertille believes in the social and cultural footprint of the agency, its implication in the development of Greater Parisand in particular through the cultural programme of the Magasins Généraux.

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Caroline Vermeersch (BE)

CEO The Lemon Spoon
The Lemon Spoon
  • Caroline Vermeersch (BE)

    Caroline, 29, is from Brussels. Her ecological awareness came suddenly when she was living in Barcelona for 3 years. She had collected a lot of clothes... You can't blame her, she was suffering from an acute shopping adiction. You know what she means, right ? It was the discovery of Deliciously Ella's book that shakes her and made her change her eating habits (tapas for 3 years, it's not really possible if you want to come back by plane and not by cargo).

    She then decided to share her passion for healthy food on Instagram. One thing led to another, she realized that one cannot go without the other. When you decide to respect your body, you experience a return to your roots, which also consists in becoming more respectful of the people and nature around you. She therefore decides to gradually change her whole way of consuming, and not just her diet. It has therefore moved from Tapas-Zara-Sangria to a more Slow-Vintage lifestyle without sulphites. Discovering the many eco-responsible alternatives that exist, she set out to share them with the world by creating the Lemon Spoon platform.

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Hugo De Almeida (P)

CEO SB Oceans
SB Oceans
Hugo De Almeida (P)
  • Hugo De Almeida (P)

    Over 20 years of Marketing and Business Management experience across several business Sectors and Brands throughout Europe.

    Hugo has a unique understanding of the markets and consumers based on the experience of working in companies and agencies from different business sectors: health & wellness, beauty, automotive, insurance, real estate, retail, entertainment and sustainability

    In the last years, his passion for the Oceans allied to his experience contributed to the creation of the new Sustainable Brands Global Project: SB Oceans - a global platform for a Sustainable Ocean!

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Jacques van den Biggelaar (BE)

Journalist @RTL TVI Belgium
Jacques van den Biggelaar (BE)
  • Jacques van den Biggelaar (BE)
    Jacques van den Biggelaar was born on the day when men presented the first vehicle designed to visit Mars in April 1960. Since then, he has never ceased to be interested in the craziest inventions, the most improbable technologies and the most frapadingual projects.
    This graduate of the School of Journalism in Leuven is passionate about Earth and its people. For 34 years, he has been telling the little stories of this planet to the viewers of the Belgian channel RTL tvi. He is also the proud father of four children.

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Act Responsible

  • Act Responsible

    The European Association of Communications Agencies and ACT Responsible conceived this creative award in 2009 in a bid to highlight the advertising industry’s specific contribution to society by awarding the most successful creative social & environmental campaigns. The Care Awards focuses on specific subjects such as public health, environment, sustainable consumption, public safety, disability, human rights, domestic violence, child abuse, homelessness, education and other similar topical public issues. The specificity of the Care Awards is its jury chaired by a member of the European Parlement and composed of NGO & Institutions Communications directors, Creative Directors, and CSR Expert.

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Fairtrade Belgium

  • Fairtrade Belgium

    (change trade, change lives): Fairtrade focuses on providing a system that allows international trade to evolve towards greater justice, respect and equity. The Fairtrade system puts all stakeholders on an equal footing: networked producers, industry, business, citizens and consumers, public authorities and civil society. All have the power to change the reality of today's trade. If one of Fairtrade's first missions is to open the market to certified producers, it is equally incumbent on it to build bridges between them, to raise their awareness of the issues related to fair trade, which are nowadays inseparable from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Join us at the PUB House, Avenue Ariane 5/Arianelaan 5, B-1200 Bruxelles/Brussel on the 24th of October 2019. The event will start at 3PM and will end at 9PM.


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